The Energy from Waste Plant in Poznań (EfWP): the area for the proposed project is located in the region of Elektrociepłownia Karolin (Karolin Power Plant), which is in eastern Poznań on the right bank of Warta River, near the administrative border between the city and the Czerwonak commune regions (town of Koziegłowy).

These areas are confined from the west by ulica Gdyńska and the parallel railway line, from the north by the railway line to the Poznań – Karolin station, from the east by industrial areas (Bridgestone Poznań), from the south by unmanaged greenery that is the home of the remains of Fort IV, which was damaged during WWII.

The area proposed for the project is located on the following blocks of land: 2/11, 5/29, 5/30 and 5/37, ark. 1 area of Główno and has an area of 3.14 ha.