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We are building the Energy from Waste Plant in Poznań (EfWP) with a view to the residents and environment. The plant will significantly change existing, inefficient waste management. Thanks to thermal processing, i.e. incinerating, thermal energy will be produced from waste and will then be used in the local heating network; electricity will also be produced and will reach the Enea Operator distribution network. In addition, the amount of waste reaching landfill will decrease by up to 80%. The EfWP will be operational at the end of 2016 and will process 210 000 tonnes of waste annually! The plant is being built in the EC Karolin region.


The 'Waste Management System for the City of Poznań' project is on the list of individual projects for the Operational Programme 'Infrastructure and Environment' for the period 2007-2013, under priority 2: Waste management and the protection of the earth – measure 2.1: Comprehensive undertakings in the scope of managing municipal waste with particular attention to hazardous waste.
The 'Waste Management System for the City of Poznań' project covers the following measures:

Contract No 1 Construction of a Energy from Waste Plant in Poznań (EfWP)

Contract No 2 Preparation, implementation and coordination of tasks

2A Of the environmental education programme
2B Of the project's promotional and informational activities

Contract No 3 Technical support for the Project Implementation Unit

The objective of the proposed 'Waste Management System for the City of Poznań' project is to organise municipal waste management within the 'Poznań Agglomeration Waste Management' Inter-Commune Union (The City of Poznań and nine communes, Region 2 of the WPGO (Commune Waste Management Plans)) and to adapt the system to the formal and legal, technical, and ecological requirements at both national and European levels.
The project is part of the new legal frameworks for municipal waste management, applicable since 1 January 2012 following the entry into force of the amendment to the act on maintaining cleanliness and order in communes.

Project co-financing agreement
On 5 October 2011, the City of Poznań together with the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management in Warsaw signed a conditional agreement for the co-financing of the project called 'Waste Management System for the City of Poznań'; EU grants exceed PLN 330 million (the agreement was annexed on 31 July 2014). The planned total cost of the Project exceeds PLN 925 million.

Project funding
The project 'Waste Management System for the City of Poznań' is being implemented using the hybrid-financing model.
This model combines the use of national public funds, and funds obtained from the European Union and private capital. The complicated financing formula makes this Project the first of its kind in Poland and Europe, and is why the City of Poznań is a precursor in this field.

Public-Private Partnership
On 8 April 2013, the City of Poznań signed an agreement with the SITA Zielona Energia Sp. z o.o. Private Partner for the execution of the project covering the design, construction, maintenance and operation of the Energy from Waste Plant in Poznań.