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Ecology is trendy! More and more of us are paying attention to our lifestyle and feel responsible for the environment. And rightly so! Especially in light of the fact that simple, seemingly obvious changes in everyday chores are enough to have a positive impact on the environment in which we live. What can you do to be more eco?

Prevent waste:

  • Buy products in bulk packaging
  • Take reusable bags for shopping
  • Choose products in ecological packaging that can be reused
  • Use energy-efficient light bulbs
  • Buy beverages in returnable glass bottles
  • Frequent libraries and bookshops using already-printed books
    and magazines
  • Read e-books and e-issues of your favourite magazines
  • Replace disposable batteries with rechargeable ones
  • Pass on unneeded clothes, books, furniture and other items to friends or charities instead of throwing them out

Segregate waste

  • Check if it can be reused
  • Wash or repair it so that it can be reused
  • Remember to place the same groups of raw materials in one container
  • The yellow bin is for plastics, metals, and milk and juice cartons
  • The blue bin is for paper and cardboard
  • The green bin is for coloured glass
  • The white bin is for clear glass
  • The brown bin is for green waste (e.g. leaves and cut grass)
  • Place hazardous waste in special containers
  • Take expired medication, batteries, packaging from glue and plant protection products, home electronics and appliances to designated outlets

Introduce changes in your home

  • Save water and paper
  • Turn off electronics from standby mode
  • Seal windows and doors
  • Educate your family and friends
  • Save food, use products in many ways
  • Air out your bike and put your car in the garage
  • Limit the use of chemical products
  • Use the Internet and get involved in one of many ecological foundations. For a list of such NGOs within the Poznań metropolis go to: http://www.poznan.pl/mim/ngo/poznanskie-organizacje-pozarzadowe,p,16057,16537.html

Focus on education! And introduce changes in your home

  • One plastic bag is made in one second, used for approximately 25 minutes, and takes 300 years to decompose in landfill

- take ecological reusable bags for shopping

  • One small battery thrown into a normal municipal waste container can contaminate 1m3 of soil and as much as 400 litres of water!

- place used batteries into specially marked containers e.g. in stores where you buy new ones

  • The recovery of 1 tonne of recycled paper prevents the cutting down of 17 trees

- save paper

  • A warm fleece can be made from 35 PET bottles

- segregate waste

  • The T-shirts of the Polish national football team were made from recycled PET bottles

- search for designer stores that sell gadgets made from
recycled waste

  • PET bottles can also be used to make shirts, curtains, weather lining for clothes and filling for furniture and toys

- Dispose of plastic bottles without caps in the yellow containers

  • In Poland we annually use 400 million aluminium cans that can be recycled and used an infinite number of times

- dispose of aluminium cans in the yellow containers

  • 670 soft drink cans can be used to make one bike

- change to a bike - this is the most-ecological mode of transport

  • Replacing five normal light bulbs with energy-efficient ones will reduce the cost of electricity consumption and reduce CO2 emissions by 250kg per year

- invest in energy-efficient light bulbs

  • By recovering glass from just one bottle you can save an amount of energy equivalent to one 100W light bulb that is switched on for four hours

- dispose of coloured bottles in the green container, and clear ones in the white container

  • By composting green waste you save 30-50% of the overall waste reaching landfill

- compost can be reused e.g. in gardens