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Is the incineration plant eco-friendly?

The creation of a waste management system, based on thermal treatment of waste unsuitable for material recycling (so-called residual waste) in the newly-built EfWP plant will provide the project area with a working and modern system that complies with all EU requirements. At the same time, it will be the most ecological waste management method. Until now, most of the waste was stored in landfills. Such an action is inconsistent with the waste management hierarchy pursuant to the provisions of the European Union and also considered to be less eco-friendly, and above all uneconomical. Residual waste is a rich source of energy.

During the process of incineration in the EfWP, fumes produced will be purified in a modern fume treatment system. This will ensure that the release of these substances into the air meet the restrictive provisions on emission standards. Additional products resulting from thermal processing shall be subjected to a recovery process for their re-use (e.g. slag in road construction) while the small amount of remaining post-process waste safely neutralized.

Will the incinerator pollute the environment?

Already at the design stage and later during operation, thermal waste treatment plants are subjected to detailed inspection and must comply with stringent regulations and standards as regards their construction and subsequent operation. Prior to construction, an incineration plant must possess a decision on environmental conditioning and approval for implementation of the investment. This decision shows how to build and operate an incineration and to a maximum extent limit its impact on the environment. In addition, it is also necessary to obtain construction permits i.e. approval to commence construction works.

The contractor - SITA Zielona Energia uses for the construction of the EfWP state-of-the-art technologies that have been successfully applied in existing plants in other European countries. The gases resulting from combustion in EfWP will be treated with an advanced multi-stage fume treatment system, due to which the EU and Polish provisions of law relating to the permissible norm for gas emissions into the air shall be fulfilled. Emissions are continuously monitored. Furthermore, residents shall be able to observe emission results from the EfWP on the website: www.odzyskajkorzystaj.pl.