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Where is the EfWP situated?

The waste incineration plant is located on the administrative border between the city of Poznań and the Czerwonak commune regions. The plant is being built in the region of the Karolin Thermal Power Station belonging to Dalkia Poznań ZEC S.A., situated in the North-East of Poznań, on Gdyńska Street.


Will the functioning of the EfWP result to some additional fees for the residents?

The construction of the incineration plant is financed with funds from the private partner (SITA ZE) and EU funds obtained from the Operational Programme Infrastructure and Environment (OPI&E). The funds for the implementation of the EfWP come from the private resources of SITA Zielona Energia shareholders and long-term loans granted by the consortium of three Polish banks: PKO BP, Pekao S.A. and Banku Gospodarstwa Krajowego. Grants from the European Cohesion Fund were also used to finance the investment. Pursuant to the agreement between the City of Poznań and the Private Partner - SITA Zielona Energia, the private Partner is not only responsible for the design, construction and financing but also for managing the plant for 25 years. In practice, this means that the residents will not incur any additional costs associated with the operation of the EfWP.
At the exploitation phase, the fees for the operations of the EfWP shall come from the part already borne by the residents - fees for collection and recycling of waste (so-called “refuse fees").

Will some additional infrastructure be built in connection with the construction of the incineration plant?

Due to the location of the incineration plant on Gdyńska street, in the area of the Karolin Thermal Power Station in the north-eastern part of the city, it is necessary to change the road layout in this region. The expansion of existing roads, provision of a collision-free passage on railway line no. 365, and the creation of a new connection between Gdyńska and Bałtycka streets, will improve conditions and fluidity of movement, as well as increase safety. Detailed information on the renovations can be found at: www.zdm.poznan.pl/projekty-drogowe.php.