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We now know the winning designs in the gadget competition of one of the largest environmental education campaigns in Poznań and the region. The logo 'Recover and Use' will appear on a special card game and document briefcase.

Young designers submitted their entries in two categories, proposing a gadget for children and youth, and a VIP gadget. Each item had to be made from recycled materials. The jury faced a difficult decision picking the best designs. ‘It should be pointed out that many of them were extremely mature in terms of worldview, and were involved in the subject very consciously. There were many original solutions that didn't take an easy approach to interpreting the subject, and demonstrated ecological sensitivity. There were many extremely interesting 'paper' designs; contrary to appearances, this is not an easy material to work with. We evaluated not only innovation, but also durability, safety and fit to target groups’, summed up Małgorzata Bernady, the textile expert in the competition.

The results of the gadget competition of the campaign 'Recover and Use' were announced at an awards gala on 20 February this year. First place in the VIP category went to Irina Grishina, who designed a functional document briefcase. The best design for children and youth turned out to be the educational card game 'Gratowóz' ('Junkwagon'). Hanna Pałczyńska's proposal is a fun and educational tool for the whole family. Prototypes of the winning projects could be viewed during the award presentation. ‘The winning entries fit seamlessly into the concept of the campaign conducted by the City of Poznań, and we hope that they will enable a wide range of consumers to identify with it. We appreciate the commitment of all creators to the project’, said Bożena Przewoźna, the 'Waste Management System for the City of Poznań' Project Implementation Officer.

‘We are extremely pleased that the competition's gadgets included ones that perfectly reflected the concept of operation of the plant as a modern, safe and ecological facility. We are full of admiration for the creative potential of the young people who had a difficult task before them’, said Magdalena Bielak, communications specialist at SITA Zielona Energia.

The main theme of the gadget competition was unusual – waste management in Poznań. What made participants interested in it? ‘I like a challenge. I put a lot of work into the design and got involved in prototyping. Winning is a great honour for me and will certainly be a key item in my portfolio. It's a great feeling knowing that my game will soon be played by Poznanians’, said Hanna Pałczyńska – winner of the competition in the children and youth category.

The gadgets will be distributed starting in April, among others at events in the city during which the authors of the campaign 'Recover and Use' will encourage waste segregation and recycling. Below is the complete list of competition winners.

Winning entries:

Children and youth

First place: Hanna Pałczyńska – 'GRATOWÓZ' (JUNKWAGON') card game

Second place: Joanna Kabala – 'Recover and Use' board game

Third place: Natalia Liput – 'ROZWOJAKI' card game




First place: Irina Grishina – document briefcase

Second place: Hanna Pałczyńska – HOUR-ECO-OUR clock

Second place: Anna Batog – desk toolbox