Odzyskaj Korzystaj – Kampania promująca budowę ITPOK w Poznaniu - Zielone ciepło dla mieszkańców Poznania na kolejne lata.

Logo poznan

On Saturday 25 July in Murowana Goślina there was the thirteenth largest Saint James' Fair in Greater Poland. Therefore, it could not miss animations of the campaign "Recover and Use". 

This year's event was held under the slogan "On the trail of the Saint James - Italia". During the Fair, you could really feel the Italian atmosphere. Music coming from the stage in the style of Italo disco quickly made the residents dance and have fun. There were also culinary attractions, i.e. cooking shows and a lesson how to cook real Italian paste.

A lot of participants of the Fair visited the animations of the campaign "Recover and Use". They learned the secrets of the laws of science, learned how to make an eco-feeder or ecological toys in the recycling spirit. Visitors solved a quiz on the municipal waste incineration plant emerging in Poznań. The vast majority knew the correct answers, and therefore in a short time a lot of people with ecological bags with the campaign logo stood out from the crowd at the Fair. On the grass you could also see groups of young people playing the card game "Gratowóz" with symbols of municipal waste, which were also to be won in the ecological knowledge contest. 

We thank all the residents for interest in the campaign "Recover and Use".