Odzyskaj Korzystaj – Kampania promująca budowę ITPOK w Poznaniu - Zielone ciepło dla mieszkańców Poznania na kolejne lata.

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We ran the first two training sessions in the field of rational municipal waste management for councillors of the Commune Office in Swarzędz. The participants of the training were presented with methods to minimise the amount of waste, and were also shown the benefits of waste segregation and of the construction of the Municipal Waste Thermal Treatment Plant.

Each guest also participated in a workshop, which consisted of carrying out a series of activities related to
the use of municipal waste management methods. During the training, the residents shared their problems arising due to the improvement of the management system, and eagerly proposed solutions for improving the structure. At the end, each guest received a package of informational material about the construction of the MWTTP.