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Unleash your creativity and design a gadget for the 'Recover and Use' campaign. Have you got a head full of ideas? Do you like to design and are familiar with trendy gadgets? Take part in the unique competition being run under the 'Recover and Use' campaign promoting the 'Waste Management System for the City of Poznań' project!

Ecological and biodegradable materials, functionality and safety are the main themes of the contest. Create your own design of a trendy eco gadget that will showcase the 'Recover and Use' campaign. Demonstrate how you recycle waste! We are waiting for designs in two categories: gadget for children and youth, and for VIPs.

Your designs must include design drawings, technological drawings together with the technological requirements that will enable their production, a description of the the research and development process, and the exploration, analysis and creation stages.

Entries close on 28 November 2014. We have prepared attractive prizes for the winners.

For details and the terms and conditions of the competition for the 'Recover and Use' campaign, click on the 'News' tab or go to the website of our partner – Concordia Design: http://www.concordiadesign.pl