Odzyskaj Korzystaj – Kampania promująca budowę ITPOK w Poznaniu - Zielone ciepło dla mieszkańców Poznania na kolejne lata.

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The impressive model presenting the Poznan Municipal Waste Thermal Treatment Plant can today be admired in the City Hall at Kolegiacki square. The model will be available for residents and all visitors to the City Hall until the end of the construction of MWTTP, towards the end of 2016.

The project was executed at the request of SITA Zielona Energia, the Private Partner of the City of Poznan responsible for the design, construction, financing and management of the plant over 25 years. The model weighs about 100 kg, measures 105 x 160 cm and presents the Poznan incineration plant less 150 times (scale 1:150). The visualization does not only present the MWTTP but also the layout of roads in the investment area.

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Ultimately, upon launch of the MWTTP, the miniature incinerator will become a part of the educational path to be set up on the premises of the plant. Until then, everyone interested can admire the model on the first floor of the City Hall at Kolegiacki square no.17.

photo: Property Copyright SITA Zielona Energia Sp. z o.o.