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We are eagerly awaiting the final of the gadget competition for the 'Recover and Use' campaign! The participants acquired the knowledge necessary to prepare original designs during the December workshops in Concordia Design. The end result of the work on the prototypes will be announced in the first week of February.

Fifteen of the best designers are working until 30 January to develop a gadget that will become the flagship of Poznań's informational and educational campaign 'Recover and Use' implemented under the project 'Waste Management System for the City of Poznań' co-financed by the European Union from the Cohesion Fund under Programme Infrastructure and Environment. This is not much time considering the fact that each participant must prepare two gadget designs – one for children and youth and one for VIPs – together with 

a detailed design and prototypes. The materials the creators are working with, i.e. ceramics, textiles and paper, were not chosen at random. The objective of the activities pursued by the City of Poznań as part of the campaign 'Recover and Use' is to promote ecological attitudes among the residents and to build a positive image of the municipal waste incinerator being erected in Poznań. ‘We wanted the material from which the gadgets are made to allude to the theme. That's why the gadgets will be made from recycled waste materials', said Bożena Przewoźna, the 'Waste Management System for the City of Poznań' Project Implementation Officer.

On 16‑17 December 2014, young designers were introduced to the theory and practice of design thinking. Practical classes using three materials were held under the guidance of renowned experts. Marek Cecuła (artistic director of the Ćmielów factory) was responsible for ceramics, Małgorzata Bernady (designer, initiator of I Festiwal Tkanin (1st Textile Festival) in Poland) ran the textile workshop, and Bartosz Krüger (co-owner of Concordia Print) was responsible for paper. The mentors provided not only theoretical knowledge, but also demonstrated in practice how different materials behave, what limitations they have and what design possibilities they offer.

It is these materials and an ecological perspective that were the leitmotiv of the workshops. The tasks faced by the participants were unusual. They had to face the marshmallow challenge (a task to build the highest tower possible out of strands of spaghetti, and place a sweet pillow at its peak), prepare prototypes of the invented gadgets, and demonstrate an ability to work in a team.

‘The workshops went very well. We are pleased with the enormous commitment of all participants. We hope that the substantive expertise provided as part of the implementation of the 'Recover and Use' campaign became an inspiration for the creation of unique and functional gadgets that at the same time fully reflect the concept of the campaign. We cannot wait for the results of the participants' work’, said Bożena Przewoźna.

The concept behind the campaign 'Recover and Use' is to promote environmentally friendly attitudes, draw residents' attention to the issues of waste segregation, as well as to educate and inform in this respect.