Odzyskaj Korzystaj – Kampania promująca budowę ITPOK w Poznaniu - Zielone ciepło dla mieszkańców Poznania na kolejne lata.

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An international conference dedicated to the PPP model in the implementation of public investments

Poznań, 2-3 June 2015

The construction of the Poznań plant for recovering energy from waste is the largest investment project in Poland being implemented through public-private partnership. The cooperation between partners in Poznań is being closely followed by local governments and companies interested in implementing public tasks using the PPP model.

Given the high investment required and the budgetary limits, such partnership is becoming an alternative for implementing infrastructure projects for many cities and communes. Experience during the MWTTP construction project will be one of the topics of the international conference 'Building Together', which will be held in Poznań on 2‑3 June 2015.

The two-day conference will have a series of meetings, lectures and discussions with local and international experts, who will share their knowledge of preparing and implementing PPP projects and developing partnership in 2014‑2020 as a key principle of investment policy. There will also be presentations on best European practices for using PPPs in countries such as France, Great Britain and Italy. The conference will include a study visit to the site of the Municipal Waste Thermal Treatment Plant in Poznań.

Date: 2‑3 June 2015

Location: hotel Andersia, Plac Andersa 3, Poznań

Addressees: local government officials, professionals, experts from the public investment and waste management sectors, representatives of institutions and entities involved in planning and implementing public investments, potential investors and contractors of PPP projects.



logo poznan

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