Odzyskaj Korzystaj – Kampania promująca budowę ITPOK w Poznaniu - Zielone ciepło dla mieszkańców Poznania na kolejne lata.

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Soon, the gadgets of the 'Recover and Use' campaign will be revealed.

We are eagerly awaiting the final of the gadget competition for the 'Recover and Use' campaign! The participants acquired the knowledge necessary to prepare original designs during the December workshops in Concordia Design. The end result of the work on the prototypes will be announced in the first week of February.

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Enter the game and beat the recovery record!

Efficient waste management is a challenge not only for many agglomerations, but also for each of us. We often do not realise just how important a role waste segregation plays in the building of an ecological approach. However, to do this effectively, thorough knowledge of the subject is necessary.

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The first stage of the competition for the gadget has been concluded.

We have concluded the first stage of the competition for the campaign gadget “Recover and Use”. The jury has chosen fifteen best portfolios and five persons on the reserve list. We shall meet with winners of the first stage on 16th and 17th December 2014 during the workshops on design thinking.

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Take a look at the miniature incineration plant in Poznan. A model of the MWTTP can be viewed at the Poznan City Hall!

The impressive model presenting the Poznan Municipal Waste Thermal Treatment Plant can today be admired in the City Hall at Kolegiacki square. The model will be available for residents and all visitors to the City Hall until the end of the construction of MWTTP, towards the end of 2016.

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'Odzyskaj. Korzystaj' ('Recover and Use') at the Breakfast Fair in Poznań!

The first edition of the 'Recover and Use' campaign took place on 7 September in Poznań as part of the popular Breakfast Fair in Park Sołacki. Poznań's residents participated in a unique ecological event during which everyone had the opportunity to experience a scientific adventure and learn how sound and the 3D effect are formed. 

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